Architectural Designs

Our firm performs all types of architectural designs for residential
buildings such as villas, palaces, multi-storey buildings, commercial malls, hotels, mosques, schools recreational and sports centers, prisons, healthcare centers and public gardens.
We also design hospital structures in collaboration with Progetti Co. which is specialized in such a field

                                                                     Structural Studies

We prepare structural studies for all concrete works intended for buildings, bridges, culverts and metal structures in addition to preparation of testing reports and soil mechanics tests. We prepare studies and plans for municipal water utility networks, main and sub wastewater pipelines, pumping stations and street illumination lines as well as studies and designs of storm water drainage system, flood hazards prevention systems and reduction of ground water level.

Electrical and Mechanical Designs

Our firm prepares designs and Plans for transmission substation 380 KV and Transmission line and under ground cable, sanitary, central air conditioning, fire fighting networks and pumps rooms works

Designing networks and infrastructure lines and storm water flooding

Our firm prepares studies and schemes municipal water systems and sewer lines main and branch lines, pumping stations and street lighting, as well as the preparation of studies and special designs drain rainwater and ward off the dangers of floods and reduce the level of ground water

Urban and City Planning and Upgrade of Random Habitation Quarters

Our firm prepares plans of new  residential quarters plans and upgrade of old random habitation quarters, including planning of provision of all necessary utilities according to the latest urban theories which go in line with the local and municipal environmental requirements.

Quantity Computation and Cost Estimation

Our firm Our firm prepares bills of quantities for project works and , economic feasibility studies, specification of projects’ time schedules and implementation plans

Project Management  

DesignTech. provides management services for engineering projects in collaboration with the Italian WWA Co., which is specialist in this field.

Surveying Work  

The firm prepares surveying reports, GIS systems, land marking and planning, buildings layouts, roads study and designing, preparation of contour maps and networking using the latest surveying equipment and GPS systems

Water and Wastewater Research and Studies

Our firm carries out wastewater related studies and researches, including but not limited to methods of determining water loss in public water utility networks and means of reduction of the same. We also performs studies for wastewater treatment and reuse of the same, design and development of wastewater discharge areas, preparation of drinking water and wastewater master plans, study of water requirements and sources, water strategic storage, geotechnical detection, detection of water radioactive and chemical pollution.

Traffic and Transport Engineering

Our firm carries out traffic studies to find methods to alleviate traffic congestion and pollution emitted by vehicles as well as suggestion of appropriate solutions and comparison of alternatives in terms of economic, environmental and traffic safety aspects, in addition to use of the latest technology for timely dealing with traffic accidents.

Hydrological studies  

The firm performs hydrological studies and prepares reports required for land schemes and provides recommendations and solutions appropriate to protect building and structures from the dangers of rain and floods .  

Our Location

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